Town Administration

Town Administration

Town Office Information

Town of Daysland
5130 – 50 Street
PO Box 610
Daysland, Alberta T0B 1A0
Phone: 780-374-3767
Fax: 780-374-2455

The Town Office opens 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

To better serve you and to accommodate your schedule, our staff are happy to schedule appointments at any time during office hours and after hours if necessary.

To make an appointment, please call 780-374-3767 or email

Below you will find a listing of all Town Departments and assigned responsibilities:

Town Chief Administrative Officer

Jody Quickstad

Chief Administrative Officer

The administrative head of the municipality. The CAO’s responsibilities include: ensuring that the municipality’s policies and programs are implemented and advising and informing the council on the operation of the municipality. The CAO oversees the capital and operating budget processes, including long-term financial planning; oversees financial reporting, including annual audited financial statements, Financial Information Return, Internal Quarterly Financial Reports, and Operational and Capital Grants. The CAO provides strategic leadership to the organization. Assists in planning and coordinating major infrastructure projects and technology implementation.

Town Director of Finance

Brenda Robbins
Director of Finance

Reporting to the CAO, the Director of Finance is responsible for discharging those responsibilities and duties delegated to the Director of Finance, including Human Resources manager for the organization. The Director of Finance maintains the Tax and Assessment rolls and is responsible for tax and assessment processes.

Town Director of Legislative Services

Brenda McDermott
Director of Legislative Services

The Director of Legislative Services is part of the team that ensures that the Town is operating in an efficient and effective manner.  This position supports the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in any and all responsibilities assigned by Town Council.   In turn, the Director of Legislative Services is delegated specific ongoing responsibilities as well as sometimes taking on duties related to short term projects as approved by the CAO. The Director of Legislative Services is also responsible for taking over all the responsibilities of the CAO in the event that the CAO is away on an extended period of time.

Town Director of Customer Service

Director of Customer Service

The Director of Customer Service is part of the team that ensures that the Town is operating in an efficient and effective manner.  This position provides quality customer service in a very active, fast-paced working environment, where there is on-going interaction with elected officials, the public and staff at all levels. The position requires a high degree of initiative, and flexibility                                                               with a strong customer service focus, strong communications skills in an administrative and political environment.

Town Public Works Foreman

Public Works Foreman

The Public Works Foreman coordinates and directs the work of the Public Works Department.  The Foreman is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling town programs and services.  The Foreman reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for working in and the management of all Public Works, including water/wastewater, roads, storm drainage, parks and facilities