Public Works

Public Works

Daysland Public Works

Daysland Public Works are responsible for keeping the town accessible and livable.  Public Works main responsibilities are:
The public works department provides a well maintained infrastructure of streets, sidewalks, alleys, storm drainage and associated signage. The duties carried out by the department includes:
  • Snow plowing and sanding.
  • Street sweeping.
  • Pothole patching, crack sealing and spray patching.
  • Line and curb painting.
  • Sidewalk repair.
  • Maintenance of storm water drainage systems.
  • Annual sidewalk and road inspections.
  • Preparations of yearly Capital and Operating Budgets.
Water and Wastewater:
The public works department ensures that the Town is provided with a safe and secure supply of water and reliable system for wastewater treatment. The main duties of the department include:
  • Supervision of the Town Water Treatment Plant.
  • Operation and maintenance of the water distribution system.
  • Operation and maintenance of the Town Wastewater Treatment Facility.
  • Operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection system.
  • All water and wastewater testing.
  • Supervision of all new services.
  • Preparation of yearly Capital and Operating Budgets.

Public Works Staff:
Our Public Works staff is very committed to keeping our roads clean, keeping our community safe, and the Town looking its best. They work their hardest to maintain and upkeep our Town’s infrastructure.

Our Public Works staff consists of:

Wade Lomheim, Public Works Foreman

Jordan McIntyre, Public Works Operator

Josh Jones, Public Works Operator