2022 Property Tax Information

2022 Property Tax Notices were mailed out on May 31, 2022. If you do not receive a notice, please let the Town Office know immediately as you are still required to pay.


Some important dates to acknowledge:

Notice of Assessment Date: June 8, 2022  Assessor Tax Date Declaration Letter

Penalty Date – August 1, 2022

Deadline for filing Assessment Complaints – August 8, 2022

If you need any of the following forms, please click on the link to download or get a copy from the Town Office:

Assessment Review Board Complaint

Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization

For more information on appealing your assessment or assessment complaints, please click here: https://www.alberta.ca/Property-assessment-complaints-and-appeals.aspx?utm_source=redirector


Assessment Information:

An assessed person may ask the municipality to let the assessed person see or receive a summary of the assessment of any assessed property in the municipality in accordance with section 300 of the Municipal Government Act.  The assessment roll is open for inspection during business hours at the Daysland Town Office.

If you have a concern or believe there is an error regarding your property assessment, please report this immediately to the town assessor, Grant Clark at 1-888-419-2128, ext. 2 or online at www.kcl-consulting.com/inquiry-form/. If the concern is not resolved, a person may file an assessment complaint with the Assessment Review Board.  Any person wishing to file an assessment complaint must do so in accordance with section 460 of the Municipal Government Act.

Assessment Complaints must be filed at the Town Office on the prescribed form and accompanied by the set fee. Assessment fees for 2022 are $50 for Residential, $650 for Non-Residential Assessments.  The deadline to file an Assessment Complaint is August 8, 2022Copies of the Assessment Complaint Form and the Assessment Complaints Authorization Form are available at the Daysland Town Office, 5130 50th Street, Daysland, or online at www.daysland.ca under Residents – Property Taxes – 2022 Property Tax Information.  Assessment complaints must be received by the Town of Daysland, ATTENTION: CLERK OF THE ASSESSMENT REVIEW BOARD, on or before August 8, 2022.

Filing an assessment complaint does not relieve any person from the obligation to pay any taxes owing on any property or business or any penalties imposed for late payment of taxes, in accordance with the MGA, S. 479.


A 12% penalty will be applied to any current taxes unpaid after AUGUST 1, 2022.  Another 12% penalty will be applied to the total outstanding taxes unpaid after December 31, 2022.


Section 299-300 Assessment Information Request

As a property owner, you are entitled to see or receive sufficient information about your property and a summary of any assessment in accordance with sections 299 and 300 of the Municipal Government Act.

Below are a few resources we recommend looking at before beginning with this request:

  1. Reviewing Your Assessment Notice – Review your assessment notice to make sure your name, address, and assessment code (residential, non-residential, etc.) are correct for your property.
  2. Research with Neighboring Properties –  see what their properties are assessed at. Compare size, age, quality, condition, location, and build.
  3. Speak with an Assessor – If you require further clarification on your assessment value, you can either call the Town’s assessor, Grant Clark, at 1-888-419-2128, extension 2 or submit a form online at www.kcl-consulting.com/inquiry-form/.
  4. If after completing the above steps you still feel the information provided is not sufficient, a 299 or 300 request can be made in writing directly to the Town Office using the following forms:

Requests can be submitted by email to info@daysland.ca, in person at the Town Office (5130 50 Street Daysland), fax to 780-374-2455, or mail to Box 610 Daysland Attention: Tax Department.

The municipality is not required to respond to a request for information under section 299 when a complaint has been filed until the complaint has been heard and decided by the assessment review board.  MGA 299(3)

You can refer to section 299/300 of the Municipal Government Act for more information.

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